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Do You Need an Interior Designer?
Why do you think you need to hire an interior designer? There are many reasons when it makes sense to do so. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:
  • Do you lack confidence in your ability to do the project yourself?
  • Do you worry about making expensive mistakes?
  • Do you have the time to do the work and research?
  • Do you have the vendor resources?
  • Do you know how to manage the project and communicate your design ideas to a team of professionals to help you create the end result you want?
Those are a few of the reasons that clients hire us, and in the end, it can be more costly to make expensive mistakes. We develop the design and coordinate the team and resources to get your projects done quickly and efficiently. We prevent costly mistakes because of our expertise and knowledge about the pitfalls to avoid.

What often happens is a feeling of overwhelm once you realize how much is involved, and if you have a full-time career, or you are busy full-time raising a family, it is hard to manage what can be a time-consuming process quickly and efficiently. That's what we do for you.
Why do I need an Interior Designer when I already have an architect?
While there is some crossover in the two professions, Interiors Designers are trained exclusively to focus on the interior spaces and how they function. If you want a problem solver to make a space live better for your lifestyle, an interior designer can shortcut the process and produce a custom-tailored solution for you.

We make your space live as well as it looks and we coordinate your vision with an architect to translate the exterior vision to blend with the inside of the home. We optimize your spaces and ensure they are designed to function well and look beautiful at the same time.

If you are moving into a “new” home for you, we evaluate how your space can function best once you’re settled. Furniture placement often determines how the spaces should be designed when remodeling or building a new home. The ideal scenario is to engage your designer at the same time you hire your architect to ensure that your home functions exactly as you need it. As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” and we are here to guide you.
Do I get a say in the design process or will you make all of the selections?
Some firms do not allow much input in the design process because they like to see themselves as the experts. We view it differently. You know what you want, and we know how to help you achieve it.

Don’t worry. We are experts at asking the right questions even if you’re not quite sure what you want. You probably know what you don’t want, and we know how to interpret the “between the lines” information you share with us.

Designing your dream home is a fun and exciting. Our role is to provide as much or as little guidance as you wish. We are your problem solvers. While thousands of decisions stand between you and your finished space, we make it easy. Here is what one of our clients said:

“The minute I met you, I instantly liked you, which was extremely important to me. I had just moved to Seattle and decorating my new home was going to be a big project for me, which I knew would involve a significant amount of time, resources and commitment. I wanted to be part of the design process and was thrilled to learn that you were open to my involvement and ideas. I’ve worked with designers in the past who were more concerned with implementing their vision, rather than being open to collaboration. And lastly, I love your taste. You have a unique design perspective and I knew that you would push me to consider things which I would not have considered on my own.” | Christine B.
I want an interior designer but I don’t know if I can afford your services. Won’t it be more expensive to hire you to do the project?
We save you a lot of time because we have resources that you don't have access to as a consumer, and we prevent costly mistakes because we have been through this process hundreds of times. We help you make the right decision the first time.

For example, if a sofa costs several thousand dollars, and you order the wrong material for the upholstery or the wrong scale, it can ruin the result that you were hoping to achieve, and it could cost you more than our fees. We often share our trade discounts with you so you get better quality products for a great price.
I have heard horror stories about projects going over budget and am afraid that working with a designer will cause that to happen with my project. Will that happen with you?
Actually, working with an experienced designer is one of the best ways to keep a project on budget. We “see” the overall project and that allows us to prevent costly mistakes in the design process and we know resources to implement your ideas.

“Tewes Design helped me figure out a budget by giving me advice on where to make key investments in specific pieces.” | Christine B.
Can I keep my Grandmothers desk or will I be forced to buy all new pieces?
You drive this process and make the ultimate decisions. We are here to guide you. We are experts in sourcing beautiful pieces, but we also respect your attachment to your sentimental heirlooms. We create a layout that includes your special pieces - from furnishings to art – and we find the perfect place for them and light them appropriately.
How do you charge for your time?
This one of the most common questions and the hardest to answer because it varies from project to project depending on the scope and level of service you desire. We are able to answer this after a few conversations with you.

First we speak by phone to discuss your project. Then, we schedule a time to meet in person to make sure we’re a good fit since this is a long-term relationship.

If we’re both comfortable, we then meet with you at your home for approximately 1 – 2 hours to determine the full scope of services you require, and then we create a proposal specifically for you.
When should I hire an interior designer for my project?
As soon as you begin to consider a new build or a renovation, it is best to start interviewing because the early decisions affect your ultimate satisfaction with your project. The best relationship is built on trust between you and the designer. It is essential that you feel relaxed and comfortable so you can openly share your wants, needs and expectations.

If you have more questions, please email or call for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.