I love random emails only when there is a product that I have never seen which fits with my style and sensibilities and is something that I would actually use.  It makes up for all of the spam emails I get becuase I have listed my contact information somewhere and they have sold my name.

Today I got one of those emails and since I have just planted some spring pots on my balcony, I have gardens on the brain.  These trellises are simple, modern and yes…COLORFUL!  In the words of Terra Trellis themselves…

The Classic Garden Trellis.


Seattle Interior Design features modern garden trellis


Seattle Interior Designer features  garden trellis


Seattle Interior Design features gracie-kumquat-modern garden trellis


Seattle Interior Design features lazio-modern garden trellis


Seattle Interior Designer features mira-berry-modern garden trellis


Tewes Design features mira-modern garden trellis


and lastly….my pots!


Seattle Interior Design features spring pots


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Paint Tips

It’s a cold, wet, grey day in Seattle ( I am sure this comes as shocking news!)  and I am looking inwards for bright cheery things.  By this I do not mean that I am doing self exploration (haha) but that I’m looking at my loft and the colorful walls that surround me. 

It gets me thinking about my mantras on paint and color so here goes:

  • paint is the surefire easiest way to change the look and feel of a space.  Don’t be scared to paint a small room in a dark color.  If you lacquer the walls, you will get some reflective light but be aware that this is best done to perfect walls as it will show every imperfection.


Aerin Lauder's Office
Aerin Lauder’s Office


  • don’t be afraid to put color on your ceilings.  Consider a stripe if you are looking to highlight a feature such as a fireplace taking the same color up that wall and across the ceiling.  Painting a ceiling dark will visually raise the ceiling height like the great orange ceiling below from Christina Murphy


Christine Murphy Interiors Orange Ceiling

 or another one by Tineka Triggs

Tineke Triggs Pink Ceiling


  • Use color fearlessly.  You can always repaint the walls if you decide later that you made a mistake.  I have done it before  for skeptical clients and they have never looked back!


Turquoise Wall Tewes Design


  • paint the insides of cabinetry or closets to create a pop of color when you open the doors – think hot pink or bright yellow or blue like this one below by Jenny Comenda


Painted Cabinet Interior


  •  paint the backs of open shelving to highlight the space.  I saw this photo on Pinterest and unfortunately I don’t know the source.


Rainbow painted bookshelves


  • paint a hallway stark white and then paint all of the doors and trim in a super bright color like the photo below from Lucas Allen 


Lucas Allen neon door



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Chair Repair…

One of my favorite chairs that I ever recovered for a client was a pair of bergeres found in an old warehouse.  With a quick refinishing job and some new fabric, they had a whole new vibe.   The fabric is one of my all time favorites that I wish i still had.  Unfortunately Knoll Textiles does not make it anymore -graffiti camo by Stephen Sprouse –  but here are the chairs before, after and placed.  


Bergere Chair redo

Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Camo Fabric

stephen sprouse graffiti camo fabric


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I have always gotten color inspiration from India not to mention textile, pattern and furniture inspiration!  Unforutnately, I have not been there in person yet but I plan to do so in the next few years – don’t you get a bit more free time when the kids hit 4 or 5 or was that 18?

I have decided that I must go for the Holi festival and I think you will understand why once you scroll through the photos below!   They were taken by Poras Chaudhary, a freelance photojournalist and a documentary photographer from India.  He is brilliant in his ability to capture the essence of the festival  not to mention his other incredible work in the gallery on his site.  The colors are specatcular…  

Seattle Interior Design features poras chaudhary Holi Festival


Tewes Design features poras chaudhary Holi Festival


Karla Tewes features poras chaudhary Holi Festival


Seattle Interior Designer shows poras chaudhary Holi Festival


More from Tewes Design showing poras chaudhary Holi Festival

Oddly enough, I found something called COLOR ME RAD  last night as I was writing this post which looks like it was inspired in part by the Holi Festival.  The about section says that it is “the best way to brighten your spirits”.   Since I am a firm believer in COLOR brightening your spirits, I say go for it!   Since we cannot all go to India, ColorMeRad is apparently coming to a city near you but Seattle has not made the list yet…

Seattle Interior Design features color me rad


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Santa Fe Ole

I just returned from an amazing weekend in Santa Fe, NM – one of my favorite places on earth.  Not only was it a big surprise birthday for my beautiful mom, but i got to see my sister and her new baby who flew in from Hong Kong and surprised all of us.

I did not have time to look for a new pair of cowboy boots this time so i will just share some favorite shots that were taken by my uber talented friend Deborah Lopez a few years back when i was working on a beautiful project there.


custom cowboy boots

Santa Fe Cowboy Boots

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1st dibs treasures

Sculptural Mid Century Ottoman

Seattle Interior Designer features 1st dibs treasures

Oh 1st Dibs!

The ultimate resource for all things amazing.    How fun would this be as extra seating in a living space or in a really lucky kids room!

Too fun to not share…

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Hang in There

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Layered Picture Frames



Steve Gambrel Elle Decor Jan Feb 2010

Steve Gambrel Elle Decor Jan Feb 2010


Tewes Design features layered pictured frames

Tewes Design features layered pictured frames

I have always wanted a family photo wall and have just never gotten around to printing all of the photos and getting them hung.  I still have tons of photos of in boxes waiting for a divine intervention that will get me rolling on this and I think I am almost there…

Here are some amazing collections of art and frames that i think are beautiful, creative and interesting.  If you want to see some more, head here.  Maybe you will be inspired to bust out the hammer and hang some photos too!

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Off and Running!

I have to admit that this blog has been sitting blank since December 2010 and I have had every intention of filling it with brilliant thoughts since that time!

Then I had my second child and well…….  But alas, it is blank no more!  My intentions are to use this blog to capture and express things that I find interesting, inspiring or just plain cool.  I have spent countless hours working with clients to create spaces that they love and want to live in.  During that process I come across amazing fabrics, furniture, accessories and inspiring images that I can now share.

So for starters, I want to share some of my favorite spaces….

I am looking forward to using this medium as an encyclopedia for all things beautiful!


Elle Decor

Elle Decor


British Vogue - September 2011

British Vogue - September 2011


Unfortunately, the only source I have for this is Pinterest. If anyone knows who designed this amazing space please let me know so that can give credit where it is due!House Beautiful

Karla Tewes shows anna spiro

Anna Spiro - Black and Spiro

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