Gray Magazine – Seattle Interior designer Karla Tewes and vivid color

Gray Magazine  just printed their newest edition and I am very honored to be a part of it.  It specializes in great design throughout the Northwest including interior design in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver.   



The story on Tewes Design  is all about a Seattle interior design project that I completed in a  loft in the South Lake Union neighborhood which may be the fastest growing neighborhood in the city.  Color is the focus and you know me….color is my thing. 

I love to create bright, fresh interiors and my client embraced my love of color stepping way out of her comfort zone.  I promised that she could always repaint a wall in a more subdued color but we never had to.  The end result was hot pink in the bedroom, turquoise and orange in the living room all captured vibrantly by photographer Alex Hayden  and the team at Gray.   






I still marvel at how beautiful her space is every time I see it and she tells me that she still has to pinch herself to realize that she lives there!  Nothing is more rewarding than being able to create a home for someone that they love to come home to.

Thanks to my amazing client, the team at Gray , and Alex  for the great spread! 


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