A Century of Color

The newest addition to my book collection is Pantone – The 20th Century in Color     written by Leatrice Eiseman & Keith Recker and I have to admit that I am a little obsessed with it.

Pantone_ - The 20th Century in Color

The book is sectioned off by decade and my favorite (not surprisingly) is the 1960′s which they call the “Saturated 60′s”.    There is something about seeing lots of colors together which adds a spring to my step.  The main colors from the photos are broken out on the far side of each section similar to how fabric companies show all of the colors used by printing color circles down the fabric edge.

I think the Sesame Street TV show is fantastic as does my 2 1/2 year old son, but to see all the colors broken out makes me realize that it is not only the content that we find compelling but the colors.

Seattle Interior Designer features Sesame Street from the Pantone Book


Other favorites to take a look at are Psychedelia


Tewes Design features Pantone Book - Psychadelia


and lest we forget Warhol and his incredible Pop art or the section on Neon!

Pantone - 20th Century Warhol by Tewes Design

It is well worth making space on your coffee table for this one!

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