The Uber Market – Pike Place Market Seattle

Pike Place Market in Seattle is one of the best markets in the world if you are looking for fresh seafood, vegetables or flowers.  I was there this past weekend and could not help but snap some photos to share.   

Depending on the season, the food and flowers change but I think springtime is just the best.  From tulips to peonies to zinnias , it’s a color bonanza!  I did have to throw in a few photos of the infamous gum wall which while I do find it really gross, part of me loves the mixture of color it creates. 


Seattle Interior Designer features Seattle Gum Wall

 This is the infamous and disgusting Gum Wall!

Seattle Interior Design features Seattle Gum Wall


Seattle Interior designer features Market flowers


Tewes Design features Seattle Pikes Place Market flowers


Seattle Interior Design shows Pikes Place Market


Seattle Interior Designer features Pikes Place Market

 This vegetable was so beautiful I had to get a close up!

Seattle Interior Design shows Seattle Pikes Place Market

 and my all time favorite display below…

Seattle Interior Design is featuring at Pikes Place Market

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