Vintage Larsen

A good friend of mine just returned from a short trip to Forida and shared a few photos of some incredible chairs that are in her Aunt’s house.  I thought they were so amazing that I asked her if i could post about them. 

The Aunt is 87 and she has had these chairs covered in the same amazing Jack Lenor Larsen fabric  for over 30 years!  Who knew that a fabric like this could be so timeless that we would be salivating over it some 3 decades later.   Apparently these are not the only amazing pieces in the home but unfortunately they are the only photos she took.  There was a decorator involved whom  I would like to meet, not to mention the Aunt herself!  I think Larsen should dig into their archives and start making some of these fabrics again!   

Thanks Deb for sharing these with me! 

Jack Lenor Larsen vintage fabric


Jack Lenor Larsen vintage fabric

and since I think this fabric is to die for,  take a look at a few others that I found on 1st dibs.


Jack Lenor Larsen Bergere and Ottoman

Chair with vintage Jack Lenor Larsen FabricStools with vintage Jack Lenor Larsen FabricSofa with Vintage Jack Lenor Larsen Fabric

dunbar chair  with Vintage Larsen fabricpair of chairs with vintage Jack Lenor Larsen Fabric

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2 Responses to Vintage Larsen

  1. Jane Dagmi says:

    Your blog is fun. I took a shot of the 3rd chair down in a Ft. Lauderdale mid-century shop. I had no idea it was a Larsen fabric, but so funny to see it show up on your blog. Also…love Swoop.

  2. stephanie Kristian says:

    how lovely this fabric is… Inspiration all around. Thanks for your great page.

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