I have always gotten color inspiration from India not to mention textile, pattern and furniture inspiration!  Unforutnately, I have not been there in person yet but I plan to do so in the next few years – don’t you get a bit more free time when the kids hit 4 or 5 or was that 18?

I have decided that I must go for the Holi festival and I think you will understand why once you scroll through the photos below!   They were taken by Poras Chaudhary, a freelance photojournalist and a documentary photographer from India.  He is brilliant in his ability to capture the essence of the festival  not to mention his other incredible work in the gallery on his site.  The colors are specatcular…  

Seattle Interior Design features poras chaudhary Holi Festival


Tewes Design features poras chaudhary Holi Festival


Karla Tewes features poras chaudhary Holi Festival


Seattle Interior Designer shows poras chaudhary Holi Festival


More from Tewes Design showing poras chaudhary Holi Festival

Oddly enough, I found something called COLOR ME RAD  last night as I was writing this post which looks like it was inspired in part by the Holi Festival.  The about section says that it is “the best way to brighten your spirits”.   Since I am a firm believer in COLOR brightening your spirits, I say go for it!   Since we cannot all go to India, ColorMeRad is apparently coming to a city near you but Seattle has not made the list yet…

Seattle Interior Design features color me rad


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