Gray Magazine – Seattle Interior designer Karla Tewes and vivid color

Gray Magazine  just printed their newest edition and I am very honored to be a part of it.  It specializes in great design throughout the Northwest including interior design in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver.   



The story on Tewes Design  is all about a Seattle interior design project that I completed in a  loft in the South Lake Union neighborhood which may be the fastest growing neighborhood in the city.  Color is the focus and you know me….color is my thing. 

I love to create bright, fresh interiors and my client embraced my love of color stepping way out of her comfort zone.  I promised that she could always repaint a wall in a more subdued color but we never had to.  The end result was hot pink in the bedroom, turquoise and orange in the living room all captured vibrantly by photographer Alex Hayden  and the team at Gray.   






I still marvel at how beautiful her space is every time I see it and she tells me that she still has to pinch herself to realize that she lives there!  Nothing is more rewarding than being able to create a home for someone that they love to come home to.

Thanks to my amazing client, the team at Gray , and Alex  for the great spread! 


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This Guy Rocks!

I was out with my family the other day in downtown Seattle and we passed this guy playing drums on the sidewalk.  My son was mesmerized and so was I!   I’m loving the hot pink fur and also loving how my hipstamatic camera is blowing out the lime green, orange, pink and blues!  I’m going to get some seattle design inspiration from this character for sure!

Seattle Street Art

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Lighten things up

Ever wondered why lamp cords are usually only black, brown or white?  

There have been some renditions from places like CB2  and others but they still leave me wanting something more fun and unique. 

FINALLY!!!  I found it on Etsy….

Take a look at these amazing vintage finds and if you don’t see what you want….you can customize one!  Hallelujah!


yellow table lamp


earth sea warrior lamp


earth sea warrior lamp


earth sea warrior lamp



colored cords

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Splash of Color

I come across random photos here and there of colorful things to share and I am inspired to start a repeat post every so often just to show “things”.  Consider it a random stream of consciousness post where I am just blurting out photos of things that have grabbed me.  Here goes…

Featured Colorful balloons by Seattle Interior Designer

Maybe someone will send these to me someday from

Tewes Design features colorful candy


Tewes Design features colorful nails

Karla Tewes features colorful cookies

Tewes Design features colors

 Tewes design shows a beautiful colorful tree







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A Century of Color

The newest addition to my book collection is Pantone – The 20th Century in Color     written by Leatrice Eiseman & Keith Recker and I have to admit that I am a little obsessed with it.

Pantone_ - The 20th Century in Color

The book is sectioned off by decade and my favorite (not surprisingly) is the 1960′s which they call the “Saturated 60′s”.    There is something about seeing lots of colors together which adds a spring to my step.  The main colors from the photos are broken out on the far side of each section similar to how fabric companies show all of the colors used by printing color circles down the fabric edge.

I think the Sesame Street TV show is fantastic as does my 2 1/2 year old son, but to see all the colors broken out makes me realize that it is not only the content that we find compelling but the colors.

Seattle Interior Designer features Sesame Street from the Pantone Book


Other favorites to take a look at are Psychedelia


Tewes Design features Pantone Book - Psychadelia


and lest we forget Warhol and his incredible Pop art or the section on Neon!

Pantone - 20th Century Warhol by Tewes Design

It is well worth making space on your coffee table for this one!

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A West Coast Sanctuary


I wanted to share a few photos from a recent installation for an amazing client in Seattle.  She relocated from the East Coast and was willing to put up with living out of boxes while we pulled her new loft space together.

During our first meeting she told me that we had three months to complete her space!   We busily created a vision that would  incorporate her existing furniture with a new fresh look in order to save time.

I should also add that this client embraced color – Phew!

Lucky us, we ended up in NYC at the same time towards the start of the project and took a field trip to one of my all time favorite spots  ABC Carpet and Home!   We purchased two stunning over-dyed carpets which became the inspiration for the project.

Seattle Interior Design features ABC Overdye Carpet

Seattle Interior Design features ABC overdyed oriental rug

 The living room/dining room is a colorful zen space with pillows in Schumacher’s  Ming Dragon fabric and turquoise Pop Chandelier  which adds new life to her existing dining room furniture.  The coffee table was a 1st dibs must have which we shipped from the east coast and the one of a kind elephant table came from a favorite interior design shop in Seattle.

 Tewes Design features Rollin Street Flats, Seattle Loft

Seattle Interior Designer, Rollin Street Flats, Seattle Loft
Seattle Interior Designer, Rollin Street Flats, Seattle Loft
Seattle Interior Designer, Rollin Street Flats, Seattle Loft
Seattle Interior Designer, Rollin Street Flats, Seattle Loft


This client relationship all started with a POP chandelier.  She had seen the neon pink one on our site and decided that she had to have one.  From that first conversation, we hit it off and 4 months later she was living in a space that she always says she “cannot believe is hers”.


Seattle Interior Design, Rollin Street Flats

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The Uber Market – Pike Place Market Seattle

Pike Place Market in Seattle is one of the best markets in the world if you are looking for fresh seafood, vegetables or flowers.  I was there this past weekend and could not help but snap some photos to share.   

Depending on the season, the food and flowers change but I think springtime is just the best.  From tulips to peonies to zinnias , it’s a color bonanza!  I did have to throw in a few photos of the infamous gum wall which while I do find it really gross, part of me loves the mixture of color it creates. 


Seattle Interior Designer features Seattle Gum Wall

 This is the infamous and disgusting Gum Wall!

Seattle Interior Design features Seattle Gum Wall


Seattle Interior designer features Market flowers


Tewes Design features Seattle Pikes Place Market flowers


Seattle Interior Design shows Pikes Place Market


Seattle Interior Designer features Pikes Place Market

 This vegetable was so beautiful I had to get a close up!

Seattle Interior Design shows Seattle Pikes Place Market

 and my all time favorite display below…

Seattle Interior Design is featuring at Pikes Place Market

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Swoop it up!

I am the mom of two kids under 3 so life gets messy sometimes (or all the time!). 

After hearing me go on about putting the kids to bed and spending an hour combing the house to clean up every stray Lego, car, stuffed animal and shoe, a friend sent me a link to the swoop bag

This bag is super practical, durable, washable, and COLORFUL.   The hardest part is deciding which color – bubble gum, orange crush, aquarium?  Which one is your favorite?

Hallelujah!  Now I can dump everything in one spot, swoop it and hide it away….until morning at least! 

Seattle Interior Designer features orange crush rubix

Seattle Interior Designer features red wood tractor

Seattle Interior Designer features a bubble gum

Seattle Interior Design features a gray wolf

Seattle Interior Designer features lime bag

Seattle Interior Designer features red wood tractor



Seattle Interior Designer features another bubble gum

Have fun swooping!



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Vintage Larsen

A good friend of mine just returned from a short trip to Forida and shared a few photos of some incredible chairs that are in her Aunt’s house.  I thought they were so amazing that I asked her if i could post about them. 

The Aunt is 87 and she has had these chairs covered in the same amazing Jack Lenor Larsen fabric  for over 30 years!  Who knew that a fabric like this could be so timeless that we would be salivating over it some 3 decades later.   Apparently these are not the only amazing pieces in the home but unfortunately they are the only photos she took.  There was a decorator involved whom  I would like to meet, not to mention the Aunt herself!  I think Larsen should dig into their archives and start making some of these fabrics again!   

Thanks Deb for sharing these with me! 

Jack Lenor Larsen vintage fabric


Jack Lenor Larsen vintage fabric

and since I think this fabric is to die for,  take a look at a few others that I found on 1st dibs.


Jack Lenor Larsen Bergere and Ottoman

Chair with vintage Jack Lenor Larsen FabricStools with vintage Jack Lenor Larsen FabricSofa with Vintage Jack Lenor Larsen Fabric

dunbar chair  with Vintage Larsen fabricpair of chairs with vintage Jack Lenor Larsen Fabric

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From Drab to Fab

I am on a mission at the moment to find an old chair to redo and put in my living room.  Once I find the perfect chair, I will share it here so that you can see the transformation.  It will either be a bergere or a wing chair…not certain which but I will know when I find it.   In the meantime, here is my inspiration so stay tuned….

Seattle Interior Design features Josef Frank Chairs

I just love the vibrancy of the Josef Frank fabric. Bright, bold and really fun!

I also have to say, I am pretty happy about the return of neon.  A splash of color against white and black is to die for.  I think I might have to spruce up my dark brown sofa with a new neon pillow or two!   I am a firm believer in throw pillows and accessories since you can change the look of a room quickly and easily.

Anna Spiro at Black and Spiro also did an amazing chair in a Missoni Fabric that has sadly been discontinued.  Fortunately,  I have a few yards left just waiting for the right project to use it.

Seattle Interior Design features Anna Spiro Chair

and another beauty from Chair Couture.  I love the grass fabric juxtaposed with the gold gilt chair frames.  There is a touch of whimsy with the elegance of the bergere.

Seattle Interior Designer features Grass Fabric Chair


louis xvi dining chair purple suzani upholstery tori burch


Seattle Interior Design features Bergere Chair

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