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Your home is a reflection of your style and we design spaces that are not right off the mannequin. Each item is hand selected and curated with you and your style in mind

Growing up in the South and traveling around the world have influenced me in a deep way. My understanding and appreciation of different cultures and style inspires me, and that profound passion for experiencing life with joy and curiosity is what I engage when I show you how to develop and express your personal style in your home.

Following an undergraduate degree from Boston College, I moved to NYC and spent eight years traveling abroad for Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. My passion for interior design and fashion propelled me to enroll in the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) where I was mentored by Scott Ageloff, prominent NYC architect and Dean of NYSID. These experiences built my design vernacular and they allow us to infuse your fashion style into your home.

Our ideas are grounded in design principles mixed with flair and innovation from the fashion world. How you live should truly be an extension of your personal taste.

Your timeless interior melds traditional flavor with a modern aesthetic. Worldly objects combined with whimsy, saturated hues and clean lines feel new and exciting when combined in a new way that conveys your personality and unique view. Showcasing your personal spirit and philosophy matters most.